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Normally I wouldn't ask, but any of you hoons out there got a line on a wrongful-termination employment lawyer in the Houston area? I have been MONUMENTALLY screwed by my ex-employer (2600 mile relocation, 4 months of training, 4 days of work, 8 weeks of retroactive paycheck garnishments) and right now I am in a rental cabin, with no Internet (phone, tethered, don't tell my carrier!), a 30-year-old last-minute Craigslist TE72 sitting outside in the driveway instead of MY car (still, it lasted the entire distance and only stranded me twice—not bad for a three-speed 3TC), no income, nothing in the bank, my wife at home with her mother, and all our household goods in a place I can't afford to retrieve them from. It should be a pretty open and shut settlement but it'd have to be on contingency. If anybody's got any tips, send 'em to piloter(at), don't know when I can get back on to check this. Thanks in advance, hope everybody's holidays go better than mine seem to be.


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