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Know what's annoying? Discovering, two weeks later, that you ordered a 50-watt ballast for a 35-watt bulb.

What's annoying more? Breaking the one good CCFL halo in the process of disassembling the light to replace the other broken one.


What sucks? Trespassing into a Les Schwab lot late at night to align the headlights, doing it right with the measuring tape and lines with electrical tape on the bay doors, only to find out that every time you put the headlight shells back over the projectors everything dealigns again.

What sucks more? Discovering that all eight of the JB-welded ears that actually hold the mounting bracketry to the projectors themselves are coming off. I'll have to at some point have somebody just spot-weld the little bastards.


What sucks most? Tomorrow before work I'll have to take everything apart again to reinstall the projector that's sitting and letting a new ear cure...and that's after I get to drill another mounting hole.

There's a REASON I'm only the second person ever to do this retrofit.

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