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I go to Idaho for FOUR DAYS and come back to this! It's not quite as bad of a shakeup as the time my grandparents went on sabbatical to Europe and came back right after the Fab Four had invaded, but it's not good either.

Can somebody explain, to a jaded technophile who chooses to embrace social media only to the extent of a 7-digit ICQ UIN and a ten-year-old AIM SN, what the hell is going on with the commenting system?


Big words are fine...I'd just appreciate a no-editorial-'must spin this positive'-bias rundown on how this crap works so I can continue to be the budget-Baruth, passionate, WIS-is-my-dump-stat commenter you've come to expect.

Assuming 6.0 isn't the final unnavigable straw that causes me to toggle my participation to read-only, of course.


Fun fact; Jalopnik has picked up several new behavioral analytic trackers as reported by Ghostery. Here's the full list of what I see....and please bear in mind this is WITH Adblock and Flashblock running.




Facebook Connect

Facebook Social Plugins

Google +1

Google Analytics

NetRatings Site Census

New Relic


Scorecard Research Beacon





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