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Detailing: Leave it to professionals. Three weeks in Alaska for business, home five days, out to Oklahoma and Texas for three months. Day four evening, decide to wash car as going-away present. Hand-wash, clay bar with the Meguiar's kit, later when she's dry again the Turtle medium polish (with softly used new soft towels) followed by the Zymo fine polish and wax (again, soft applicators.) Finish when it's too dark to see, looks great in dim light.

Morning dawns, ten thousand new little white paint chips on the gloss black bumper especially, looks like I drove through a Gumball Rally sized cloud of bugs. Granted, that paint was kind of crackled already, and the hood was a junkyard one and kind of messed up in the first place, but even on the previously more or less OK ROOF?


So much for saving money. Now when I get her back this December I'll have to find a detailing shop willing to burn through about twenty paint pens.

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